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Asma and The Law that protects Her. July 26, 2007

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So the law is supposed to be taking care of the aam junta. If one is wronged, he / she is supposed to go to the cops and complain. The cops in turn, would write down, that is if they are in the mood to, what is known as the First Information Report, more commonly known as the FIR.

Well lets talk about Asma Sheikh.
She was teased, got injured and is admitted in the hospital.

The Law is playin teaser.

And Sanjay Dutt is in for four and half years. The nation is feeling sorry for him. And Asma is forgotten. Her plight buried beneath the piles of roll film.

How many times have we seen this happen? A million? May be more than that.

I am not saying that a piece of news should be kept alive forever, only that is shoould be closed and not abandoned.

People realised that in this unpredictable times of our existance, we could be the next Jessica Lal, or Nitish Katara. And they kept the flames alive. The accused were punished and the victims got the satisfaction of a closure. Not the misery of abandonement.


Tear of Gold July 17, 2007

Posted by Chatore Diaries in Terrorism.

Tear of Gold
He lies down,
Eyes wide open,
and staring.
At you, me, or the ceiling.
A tear rolls down his cheek,
at what happened.

He lies down,
Wishing someone
would wake him up.
Tell him its ok,
Just a bad dream.
A very bad dream.

He lies down,
Waiting for the end.
So near yet so far.
Tired of the ventilators
life of a vegetable.
His mother’s tears,
father’s anguish.

He lies down,
Wishing he could one last time
Kiss his lover,
Tell his mother
How much he loves her.
Stand next to his father;
Be His man Friday.

He just wishes,
He had not steped on the train
His last one ever.
And he tries to be bold
and down rolls,
Another tear of gold.