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August 22, 2007

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The New Alphabet.

Osama Bin Laden’s ABCD…

A – Allah kill America
B – Busharaff
C – Carnage in America
D – Death to all non muslims
E – England is next
F – Fidayeens
G – Guns for all
H – Hi holy Shit
I – ?
J – Jihad
K – Kaun Banega Osama?
L – Lashkar, my brothers
M- Musharraf with Busharraf
N – No More America
O – O Sama
P – Pakistan
Q – Qeuda, Quaida (How is tis sh*t spelled?)
R – Rest in Pakistan
S – Shit in Afghanistan
T -Train in Pakistan
U – Underground in Tora Bora
V – Vacation in Islamabad
W – Wait in Middle East
X – Forbidden.
Y – Dont ask Y?
Z – Finally.


The not so Distant Past August 22, 2007

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Everything seems to be rushing by me.

Time, Money, Age.

It seems the more i have the more i want.

Why cant i stop wanting?

I remember the good ol” days when i was in school, the care free attitude. I had no money, except what my folks gave me , which wasnt much to say. I was more satisfied then, than i am now.

Now, when i earn my own buck, i am less satisfied, more crunched for time. It seems that i can no longer enjoy the simple joys of life, without planning them well in advance.

Overall a poor man, a really poor one.

Pune and The Art of Auto Rickshaw Fleecing August 2, 2007

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I have travelled. And I have travelled far and wide.

From the mountains to the oceans and from the deserts to the plains. O yes I have travelled.

And I use the local autorickshaws for getting around everywhere. They are plentyful, convinient, parking is not my headache, and hell, i dont even have to pay the parking charges. Most of the times the rickshaw fellows are nice people. Out to make money, just like the rest of us. They smile, drive alright, and are ready for negotiations.

But Pune!!!! My god the story is totally different here.

A typicall scenario, while hailing an auto:

ME: Boss, Shivaji Housing?
Auto Fellow: No!
ME: S B Road?
Auto Fellow: No!
ME (Now getting irritated) : Then where?
Auto Fellow: hmmmmph
Me: Arre, you want to go anywhere or not?
Auto Fellow: Yes, Dubai!
End of Discussion.

This more often than not is the typical story with almost every auto fellow here. They are just not ready to go where you want to. Its they, who are going to take you where they want to.


Not to mention, the gross overcharging, figure round ups, and occassional brawls, that I have to face every bloddy day of living here.

Unfortunately, there is no body, govermental or otherwise where we can go and lodge a complaint.

Nothing. Zilch. Zero.

So what are we to do? Just take the shit home and brood?

It is high time the traffic heads for the city came up with a plan. Most of the poeple in Pune are outsiders, students, IT professionals etc..and no one top listen to us.

Please help us all.

Mr Traffic Commisioner, Are you listening?