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Achaari Murg September 13, 2007

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Saturday is my day, oops night, in the kitchen.

I get to cook and pamper my wife. I am a decent cook by the way, and can whip up some surprises.

This Saturday, i decided to surprise my wife with a spicy chicken dish, Achaari murg. Considered to be one of the finest chicken dishes, i set my mind and will to it. After downloading the most appropriate ( read understandable and simple) recipe, i got down to business.

Got processed chicken, the spices and herbs, and mustered my will power to stay with me.

Here, i would also like to mention the fact, that i HATE cleaning up the chicken, so my wife had to do it. With a “I-know-i-will-have-to-end-up-cooking” smirk on her pretty face, she did the needful.

And i went back to my recipes. I desperately wanted the meal to turn out right. If not for my efforts, at least to wipe the smirk off.

So, after very very very careful ingredients measurement and timed heating, i was nearing the best dish i had ever cooked. In my life. I am 25.

And brilliant it turned out to be. Just the right amount of spice.

One bite told her it was perfect.

The heady taste of chicken cooked with red chillies sauted in the ginger garlic paste, heated with onions mixed with fenugreek, fennel, cumin and garnished with coriander, blended to perfection, swept my wife of her feet.

Served with rotis, not one serving was left.

Now, I am officially the Saturday cook.

Well done Mr. Pandit.


Hello world! September 13, 2007

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Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Oh No Darling. September 10, 2007

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I took the risk.

Bought a couple of tickets for the afternoon show, missed the India – England Final at the Oval. And went for Darling. Ram Gopal Verma’s Darling.

And i still cannot figure out if i liked the movie or not. After carefully ducking RGV’s Aag, i got sucked by his Darling. One part of me was ok with the new concept on screen, where the ghostess, a.k.a Esha Deol, tried her flimsiest attempt at scaring the audience. I wanted to stay and see what happened in the end.
The other part of me, wanted to get up, and walk out of the theatre. The first time in my life.
I, being a gujju,am totally against any wastage of money. So my arse stayed put.

The movie started with a “I-can-also-show-my-boobs-which-i-dont-have” item number by Nisha Kothari, ‘Aaa Khushi se Khudkhushi karle’, literally meaning – Come commit suicide out of happiness. You can imagine my plight.

Anyways, i told myself it would be ok, once this bimbo was out of the scene. But it just wasnt my day.

Esha Deol happens to be Fardeen Khan’s office fling (yuk!). FK should to stick to selling Provogue Shirts.

Things go terribly wrong and during one of their escapades,Esha Deol cracks her head on the wall, and dies. FK buries her in the back yard of the bungalow(Madh-island types).

Unfortunately for FK, his dead Darling’s ghost comes back to live with him, and make his life miserable. This is the funny part, where she randomly appears from anywhere, anytime and scares the daylights out of FK.

Blah blah blah…… in comes a psychiatrist, the cops, Esha’s father, and what not.
All this while, FK’s wife, Ishaa Kopikar aunty, is pretty much confused (hence the shrink). She suspects and later her suspicion is confirmed. She storms out of the house only to be hit by a car. She is critically injured. Boo hoo hoo.

Im not going to spoil (?) the end for the good hearted people who may just per chance read this really anonymous blog of mine. If you decide not to read this, i may tell you what happens in the end. Just maybe.

And i still cant figure out whether i liked the movie or not. But it has helped me in making one particular resolution of mine really strong. I mean realllllllllllllllllllllllllly strong. AVOID RGV at all costs. Till he gets over Nisha Kothari that is.

I could have bought a really nice book with the kind of money i spent on the tickets.