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United States of India October 26, 2007

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“Where are you from?”
“Oh. North Indian.”
“No. Gujarati”
“Yes, same thing.”

No you jack ass, not the same thing. It can never be the same thing.
Dont get me wrong. I stay in Noida, but I am from Gujarat. That is, my father’s father stayed in Gujarat some many decades ago…I did not. Neither did my father.

Anywhere, that is anywhere in the bottom half of the country, i will always be a North Indian. Then it doesn”t matter, if one is from Punjab, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan , Kashmir, Delhi, Himachal, or even from Pakistan. It is always… “Oh, North Indian”.

And why the disdainful tone associated with, no, succeeding the revelation, “North Indian”?


Its not like its a shraap!!!!
I agree, people, ahem, from the North of the Country are a little flashy, just a tad louder, only a wee bit excited about life, but not all that bad.
We have so many states up North, people can easily belong to any state. No onw would know thw difference. But nopes..it has, and always will be North Indians.
You North Indians are like this, you North Indians are not like this…..what the heck in god’s one million names is going on??

And why? Are we on are way back to the establishment of 650 princely states? Something like, United States of India?


Indian Cricket Team Raped. Again. October 11, 2007

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Same story. Different grounds.
The Indian team has been savagely raped by the Aussies. Once again. And the series is only half way through.
So why does the Indian cricket team not take a sabbatical, do something meaningful. Say like take painting courses or cookery classes. Sometimes these have helped even the un-dead. Why don’t they accept the fact that they just don’t have it in them to play cricket at an international level anymore!! The real champions have retired ages back, and what we see on the field are just remnants of a cigarette enjoyed till the last puff. But its gone now. Over. Fin.

May be, the so called heroes, cricketers, Ad Boys, should rest now. Give the game some recovery time. And maybe never show their ugly faces ever again. This will save a lot of heartbreaks across the country. Save the countless spirits broken nationwide whenever this bunch of Playing Losers come back defeated. The billion plus supporters of these morons of the field should also take a break. And it will also save a lot of corporate monies.

Something like, 10, may be 20 years, should help us all forget the trauma.

But i got a feeling that says, “boss, this ain”t gonna happen. Atleast not in your lifetime.”

The Indian cricket team will play on, and be raped. Time and again.

This brings a famous saying to my mind…which goes something like this ” When rape is inevitable, enjoy it”. Perfect fit foe the Indian Cricket Team Lads.