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And there was Bhutto December 28, 2007

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Pakistan’s only flicker of hope is no more. And fingers have already started pointing. It will be a while, and probably never, before the culprits are taken to task.

It could be one them Talibanis, or Pakistans political bigwig, or for that matter the CIA. Who is responsible is a question of little consequence now. The truth is, Bhutto is out, never to return.

The whole world mourns this dastardly and cowardly act, and is trying to find solace in something. Pakistans has the potential to tipple the world balance for the worse and spark of major unrest globally.

It is not Islam at fault. The holy Koran does not preach violence and certainly not assasinations. It is a bunch of highly frustrated and mentally ill people with no use of their lives.

Long live Bhutto. Long live Democracy.


Pune Wine Tasting Festival December 18, 2007

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Its been a long time my friend…and here i am…Back to blogging.

Saturday last, me and some friends had gone Wine Tasting..organized by the Pune Gourmet club, there were some 40 plus Indian wines to be tasted, and bought.

This, I believe, was the first time such an event was organised in Pune, and I am ever grateful to the PGC. Where else could you have so much up-class booze for only 250 bucks!!

Just kidding.

On a much serious note, this was one helluva event. There were wines from the house of Sula, Seagram’s, N.D’s, Vinsura, Voir and Voulois (or something), and others, whose names i cant quite recollect. 🙂

After buying our passes from TiAmo at E-Square the previous evening, off we went off in the search of the right wine for our palettes.

I must say, the event was very well planned by the PGC, and the location was also perfect for such an event. We were handed our Wine Tasting cards, Wine Guides, and effective Wine Tasting glass..which i got to keep..and 5 others as well.

After tasting all sorts of wines from all sorts of makers in 2 hours, it was time for some grub. I must say, the food could have been better, and from the sponsors. But there was this one special item which must be mentioned here, and that was the Cajun Chicken and Fish. I am not much of a fish fan, so i’ll just talk about the chicken. It was a delight!! Cajun, they told me finds its origin in New Orleans. A little spicy, and full of flavors. And just rightly priced. 10 bucks a healthy serving!!

So after about 4 hours of drinking, i mean, tasting, I came to the conclusion, that i like Chenin Blanc, that too from Seagrams- Nine Hills stable. It is a white wine,with just the right mix between a sweet and a dry wine.

And now, i am off to buy a bottle of the same.

Till then…happy tasting.