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वो होती तो क्या होती? February 29, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in female foeticide.

वो होती तो क्या होती?
वो बदलते समय का अनुमान होती।
बीखरे जज्बातों का जोड़ होती,
आने वाले कल की पहचान होती,
गुज़रे हुए पलों का सारांश होती,
वो होती तो क्या होती

वो होती तो क्या होती?
तेरा या मेरा आधार होती।
एक माँ, एक बहन या एक बेटी होती,
एक इंदीरा, या लता या कीरण होती,
वो होती तो क्या बात होती!

वो नही तो क्या है?
सूना आँगन और आधी मुस्कान है।
वो भी एक संतान होती,
बदलते समय की पहचान होती,
वो होती तो क्या होती?

उम्मीद की इस लौ को,
ऐसे बुझाओ,
लक्ष्मी की पूजा और बेटी के त्याग का,
यह मेला खेल रचाओ।
तेरी बेटी भी बेटे सी होती,
वो होती तो कुच्छ और ही बात होती..


A New Home. February 28, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in brokers, real estate.

A friend of mine and her husband recently bought a new house. In Aberdeen no less.
Needless to say, she is ecstatic and shared this important news with me. It made me happy too.

I am also planning to buy a house, and have started planning the dream as well. However, i feel, that for somebody like me, an IT Business Development professional, with just over a couple of years of experience, this is not going to be a cakewalk.

The main reason? I think i am earning way behind the times. I can choose to take a loan, at the exorbitant rates prevailing today, and keep paying approximately INR 25, 000 upwards per month for the next 25 or so years. Crazy innit?

People tell me that atleast i am building an asset for myself.


But paying every month for the next so many years kinda scares the shit out of me.

Why are the real estate rates in India spiralling out of control? Is there so much earning that supply is less? Yes, maybe. But not exactly.

I have only one group of people to blame for this spiral. No, not the IT guys.

The brokers, pimps, investors and the rest of the lot.

Buy flats by the dozens, sit on them to create an impression of demand, jack up the prices, and whoa!! You have a 100% profit on your cost!! Not bad. And look!!! No regulatory body to check on you!! Laugh all the way to the bank you jack ass!!

And the brokers. They are the scumbags, for who the word “scumbag” was invented. Make money for what? For showing me the place? I was asked a 2 month rent as brokerage equaling to 21000 bucks!!! I asked the bastard to fuck off and he came straight to 12000. I hope he rots in hell!

In India, we pay for the land, the construction, the municipality, and yeah, parking as well!! I am told that paying for parking is not legal. And i also know of people who have paid up to a lac of rupees for a parking spot. One. Only one frigging parking spot. Add that to the cost of a new car.

Now, this friend who bought this new house in Aberdeen tells me that there, one doesn’t have to pay for the land. Well not so much anyways. The cost of the land is less compared to that of the construction.

So what can i do about this? Sit and crib? Save up and keep saving so that i don’t have to take a loan?

Or maybe i can wait for the great real estate crash, and then be an opportunist, or a predator.

Yups. May be thats what i will do.

Mee North Indian Aahe! February 15, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in Mumbai Riot, North Indian, Raj Thackeray.

When i heard Raj Thackeray’s statements on TV, i fumed, and I got angrier by the minute. I have never been so angry at any politician ever in my life.

How was it that a dashing, young, well educated, well fed, well bred, politician such as Raj Thackeray, let himself get so carried away? Was it desperation, like many pundits claim, or was it a sentenced left half unfinished?

What followed was chaos in it’s worst form. Social unrest. Fear among the masses. I could almost smell the blood in the air. No one dared arrest Mr. Thackeray very junior. After all who would want blood on their hands? People I know, who live in Mumbai, (or Bombay, if you like) were really scared. Mass exodus was on the cards. More than 10,000 “North Indians” left Nasik. And these are only the numbers reported. From experience, it would not be wrong to estimate the number to be much much higher. And who was the population which departed? Skilled Labourers, Menial workers, the lot. Catch my drift?

And who suffered? Some estimates suggest losses of more than INR 500 crores in these three days alone. Could be more. Who is counting?


Things weren’t any better in other parts of the state of ‘MAHA”rashtra. Which is not so MAHA anymore. I say.

Violence hit the streets of Pune, Beed, Latur etc..but thankfully failed to reach manic proportions. The Mumbai magistrate decided to release Raj Thackeray on a minimum bail guarantee. What happens next is everyone’s guess.

One one hand, our economy is growing at break neck speed, employment scene has never been better. And on the other hand, politicians are busy designing pits for the nation, architecting the demise of progress.

Its a shame.

Anyways, the damage is done, and the scars are forever.