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Nakalchi Bandar (a.k.a. Copy Cat) March 18, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in Timepass, TV.

Ever wondered why we cant come up with some original TV soaps (please dont included the K series..they deserve a special blog), and most of our free wheeling- and- dealing- money giving TV shows are blatant rip offs?

Now take the latest ” Paanchvi Paas Se Tez” show on Star (or Sony or Whatever!). This is a cut to cut concept copy of “Smarter than a 5th Grader” show on Fox. And the King himself is anchoring it. After the roaring suc(k)cess of KBC 3, which by the way is the rip off of “Who wants to be a Millionaire?“, this is the best SRK could do. And he must be charging a bomb for it!

It makes me sick to the stomach to see so many copied “concept“. Or if you want to hear the politically correct and Anu Malik way, so many “Inspired” shows. These shows do have a huge following, and for the Indian TV, they are novel. (and i can almost see Airtel and Hutch (now Vodafone), laughing all the way to the banks!),

But when would we as audiences mature, so what we get fed is not anyone’s hand me downs.

Take another show that is hugely popular -“Say na Something To Anupam Uncle“. A very funny program on the lines of ” Kids Say the Darnest Things“. And we cant do justice to this post without mentioning the “licensed” Indian Idol. A show for the next superstar, whatever. The quality of of participants cannot go any lower. They have hit the Nadir, and what with judges like Anu Malik and Alisha Chinnai and Javed Akhtar (Looks like Akhtar senior has found an alternate career!).

Today we have more than 80 channels to our disposal, and none worth their weight. Sometimes I do wish that I could get my “only 2 Channels on TV” days back. At least I did look forward to Chitrahaar, and Sunday Movies and Ramayan and Mahabharat and Krishii Darshan. It was less confusing then.

PS: Exceptions include Nat Geo, Hitory, T&L, and Pogo.


Tell Me What She Taught You. March 8, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in female foeticide, Injustice, Rape, Women.

Hey you!!

Yeah You!!

The one on the other side of the screen. Damn right I am talking to you.

What did your mother teach you? If there was one thing, anything that you could point your finger to and say, “This is what my mamma taught me. She and she alone. No one else.” What would that one thing be?

Did she teach you to respect women? Did she ever tell you that “women are to be respected! Not raped, not hit, not taken for granted, and certainly not to be killed!!”. Did she tell you this explicitly?? Did you have a class in school on respecting women? You sure must have had a class on Civic Sciences and History, where you were explicitly told that “this is the list of some famous people throughout history, mug it and respect them.” But no one told you to respect her. “Her” is your mom, your sister, and yes you son of a woman, your wife.

This is the glaring problem of our times today. Women who undergo repression, beatings, rape, humiliation fail to teach their own children to respect women. It is this particular category of women who I am most angry with. What are they doing? They are just strengthening the evil of crime against women.

Now lets see, exactly how big is a list of crime against women:

  1. Rape- The most disgusting and demeaning show of male authority! Shame.
  2. Dowry related harassment – Well, didn’t your mother tell you that greed was bad?? Oh, maybe she was busy hiding her bruises!!
  3. Beatings/ Hitting/ without any provocation- This one I fail to understand at all.
  4. Female Foeticide – We should cut off your reproductive organs and display it. If you can’t take care of it, don’t bother making it.
  5. .
  6. .

N .

And the list is endless.

Do you fall into any one of the above categories? If you do, I suggest you go and kill yourself.

And if you don’t, I salute you and pray to the almighty that he should make more like you. You are that rare breed whose moms have taken the pain to inculcate the right values in their children, and have made sure that once these values are in, they stay.

Respecting others is the first step towards respecting yourself, and respecting Women is the only step towards respecting life.

Have a Happy Women’s Day.

Finally Ticking? March 5, 2008

Posted by Chatore Diaries in Australia, Dhoni, Indian Cricket Team.

Looks like the boys have finally arrived. For how long, that is yet to be seen. The boys in blue have at last stood up for the countless fans who have been disappointed more often than not.

I am the first to admit that I am not a cricket buff. In a country such as India where Cricket is a religion second to none, this is akin to blasphemy. And i will also be the first to admit, it that it pleases me no ends to see the boys rising up to the occasion. After all there are a billion plus hearts beating behind them.

M.S.Dhoni seems to have potential, for he has been able to extract a match winning performance from the team, and the ageing Tigers are also following his line. Dhoni steps into the field with a plan. More like a demolition plan. He has a team of Tiger cubs, eager to taste blood and prove themselves. New guns like Ishaan, Kumar, Gambhir, Sharma as well as experienced hands like Yuvraj, Bhajji, Sachin, are taking the bull by the horns. I would like to see Yuvraj, Sehwag and Pathan pull up their socks now, and show the world that they deserves the crores they are making while not playing.

All said and done, i am happy that we won the CB Tri-series.

Hayden and Symmonds wont be available for comment for some time now. After all the team with the weed has weeded out the world champions.

Let’s Celebrate!!!