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Infestation!! June 13, 2009

Posted by Chatore Diaries in emotions, feelings, Rats. infestation.

I am staying over at a friend’s place in Chennai. And he has a problem – rats! Without realising it, he had given shelter to a family of rats. It was when i used his spare bedroom that we realised there was a problem. For a couple of nights i had a feeling that the silence was unusual till one moment of time, and then suddenly everything would be lost in a cacophony of varied sounds. Scurrying feet, lots of miniature hustle and bustle..basically…disturbing sounds. It did not take us long to figure out that we were dealing with a universal problem – Rodents. Our suspicions were confirmed when we came across nibbled wires, food and underwear.

As i write, there is a Ratman hard at evicting the Rat family from the bedroom. I hope he kills them all before dumping them.

At the same time, i cant help but get a little philosophical and wonder, that isn’t infestion an emotional issue as well? We shelter feelings without realising it, and before we know it, they become a problem. Feeling of hate, jealousy, prejudice, anger are all potential infestation material. Aren’t they?

Well, looks like the Ratman is busy cleaning the house. I got a lot of cleaning to to myself.



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