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Idlicious – Pune January 23, 2010

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Ever since I returned from my stint in Chennai, I have come to know that what they serve in the name of ‘sambhar’ here, in most restaurants in Pune, is just a fraud. Like one of those Amitabh Bachhan lookalikes- they have the haristyle, and the adopted manner-rism, but no substance at all.

Vaishali, has ruled the South Indian food scene for ages in Pune. Inspite of the long waiting lines, any time of the day, any day of the week and any week of the year, the food is to die for. Plain and simple.

Today, I finally went to a new South Indian joint in Baner, called Idlicious. Sparsely furnitured, but very clean.

The menu is simple, and to the point, with the prices that are very friendly. On top of the usual South Indian fare, they also serve lunch thali, and daily specials. They, however do not serve parathas, understandably so.

We ordered a plate of Idli – Wada, a plain masala dosa (soft), tomato utthappam, a tumbler of piping hot rasam and buttermilk.

The food was served quickly, was piping hot and very very appetizing at sight! The accompaniments included cocunut chutney, sambhar and is asked for, podi (powder chutney). Frankly speaking i was disappointed with the coconut chutney, and to some extent the sambhar as well. The chutney was not thick, as it is meant to be, but rather a slightly liquidy affair. The sambhar also did not meet the bar, but was more like daal, with stuff bolied and added. I am not saying that the sambhar was totally bad, but it could have been better.

The rasam was simply too good. It was hot, spicy and you could feel it going down your throat and settling in that very special place, where only mother’s food can reach. I’m still relishing the thought of the rasam ‘crusing’ my insides.

Our total bill came to Rs 125, which I must say, is a pleasant surprise in these times.

I would recommend this place to all. It’s ideal for a brunch sort of thing on a lazy Sunday.

Next time, i am going to try the curd rice. Friendly voices have told me, it is out of this world.



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