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Attacks on Indians in Australia June 2, 2009

Posted by Chatore Diaries in attacks, Australia, indians.

The recent spate of media reporting attacks on India students and workers in Australia is a classic case of little too much information just little too late. Let no one fool you into believing that these attacks are a recent activity.

The Australians have been known to be very racist in their outlook, on the field as well as off the field, as the recent attacks have shown.

What I see as the root cause of the problem is jealousy. The simple fact that someone else comes to your country to do a job better than yourself, at a cost much much lesser than what your holy self will charge, is simply hard to digest. The youth is lazy, largely uneducated and filled with hate. This side effect can be attributed thanks to the Social security system in place. People know, that the government will bail out their sorry asses no matter what. So what do people do? Especially the youth? They wait for the next welfare cheque from the government. This is for booze and drugs. What do they do for entertainment? Target hard working immigrants. Simple. Make these people work for the money instead of doling out the benefits just like that. Once they work, they would be more respectful to the working class.

Australia, traditionally was a prison island for her Majesty’s PoWs. Since then, I don’t think much change has come in the outlook of these people. They are still rednecks, without much of an intellectual frame of mind. Atleast the majority is.
What has the Australian Police or Security department or whatever it that they have, done to provide protection to the Indian students there? Another attack, one which has been reported, is the fifth in as many days. Read about it here. Why should the Indian students take this non sense? This is clearly a systemic failure. Although I agree, it is not possible to keep an eye on hooliganism everywhere across Australia, it would be a good idea to introduce stringent punishments and security measures as deterrent.

Or you can wait for the next Australian to come to India. And I don’t mean the teams which come to India, and then run back because of ‘imagined security risks’ and lack of kangaroos.

If we start exporting the likes of Harbhajan Singh to Australia, we would have more cases like Andrew Symonds. And believe me, India has no dearth of such Harbhajan Singhs who know how to give back.

The nation down under has already made a big fool out of itself. It is time to stop before we re-christen it to ASStralia.

Choice is yours mate? What say?