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Movie Review – "Paa"ss December 6, 2009

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I had a great many expectations from this one. Especially considering the core concept being another one of nature’s mysteries. But the final product was a pot pourry of multiple plots.

Having said that, I bow before the mighty Mr. Bachchan for having delivered one his finest performances, ever. This came close to Black, almost. What i would have liked to see was more of Big B on screen, rather than the reel dedicated to the sub plots, which as a matter of fact, did not add much to the movie.

The movie opens with Jaya Bachchan reading out the cast and crew’s names. Literally. Frankly speaking, just because it is a home production doesn’t mean that each and every family member needs to be a part of the show!

The foundational stone of the movie is (was marketed) as progeria, a genetic degenerative disorder, was lost somewhere in the melee of a failed romance, a challenging political career, and an effort to re-patch the failed romance after a gap of 13 years. Frankly speaking i would have loved if the movie dealt with the challenges of raising a child with progeria in a manner similar to how dyslexia was dealt with in TZP. Now that was a well woven plot.

the comparison however doesn’t go to say, that Paa was a a complete waste of my time on Sunday. the highlight of the movie was the very intelligent, crisp and really really fresh dialogues. Cheeky, and with a strong delivery, the dialogues left me clutching my sides with laughter. And i wasn’t the only one.

Abhi baby has been himself, with a highly ‘phoren’ educated accent to all his dialogues. Vidya Balan needs more acting lessons, but was a better choice than having family bahu Aish play that role. Thank god, or rather A B Corp., for that.

What I would have also liked to have was if the movie was not shot entirely in a mono chrome mode. A bit of color would have highlighted the child’s happy moments. The music is nothing great, and you wont miss much if you don’t carry it on your iPod.

I will recommend this movie to one and all, only for Big B’s performance. He has achieved a new high with Paa.