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My First Car. October 12, 2008

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Ahh…Finally I have bought my first car. I took the delivery on Dussera day. The emotions are mixed, still, and I can’t believe that I have done it. Mind you, I do consider it as an achievement.

After months of endless research and sparring sessions with experts, budget reviews, and long term ownership concerns, we finally settled on the Getz Prime 1.3GLS. We test drove a lot of cars before finally settling on the Getz. The other options I considered were Swift Vxi(ABS), Palio Sport, i10 and Chevy U-Va.

What I liked about the Getz the most was the space it offered for the price. It is a comfy ride for 5 adults. The pick-up is nothing great, especially at the second gear, but once it reaches the 4 gear, it transforms into a beast. I have to control my emotions a lot before I let it get the better of me, and zoom off!

The Getz has great maneuverability, especially for city driving. Most users concur on the mileage being a little lower than other cars in the segment, but what the heck, I can live with that. The Prime version has a good looking interior as well, with a wooden looking enter console. The rev meter and the speedometer are beautiful.

I approached Sanjay Hyundai here in Pune, and I must say, I came back really well informed about the car. The sales staff was extremely courteous, and knowledgeable. A rare combination. At least here in Pune. The other dealer I went to was Kothari. Since it was a Sunday, I thought that I would get plenty of time to spend there, and try and get the best deal. Surprisingly, Kothari closes shop at 1:30 in the afternoon on Sundays. A logic I failed to understand. Sunday is one day when people would have the time to come for evaluating such an expensive item. But then again, this is Pune. I was not offered a test ride, the sales guy looked like he just came from selling some credit cards, and was in a hurry to shut shop. This was one major reason I chose to go back to Sanjay, with somewhat of a counter offer from Kothari.

My point of contact at Sanjay, a certain Mr. Kaushik, was prompt in his job. I called him a hundred times before I went, and I received the same courtesy each time. The fact that sales in Motown are at an all time low, and it was month end as well as his quarter ending must have helped somewhat. J Mr. Kaushik hails from Bengal, and if they had more people like Kaushik, in place of Ms. Banerjee, I think Bengal would have been miles ahead of other states in terms of overall development.

I got the car financed from HDFC, and was lucky to have been assigned a very diligent and sincere sales guy. His knowledge and responsive is something that one would expect in all sales guys. But sigh, it is not so. The loan processing was fast, and the disbursement quick.

Needless to say, I being a Gujju, negotiated to the extent that the sales guys actually said,” Sir, any more discount/freebies, and my job will go”. So after actually establishing what he said as the truth, I finally settled on a fair enough discount.

Right now, I am in the middle of accessorizing the car. Like I said before, the feeling hasn’t sunk in yet. I guess the fuel bills will catalyze the realization.