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How i think we can sail through this recession- Part 1 February 27, 2009

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A lot of times i think that this global recession that is going on, is just a reality check. It has only been catalyzed by the great financial crash in the US of A. The pointers i thought of may not be extraordinarily out of the box, or anything like that, and may be you have heard of them earlier, but still. Just consider it a list of what can be done at the ground level.

  1. Help Others – Help anybody. Lots of people out there are losing jobs. These guys have a lot of responsibilities, loans etc, just like any one of us. What can we do? May be our network can help? Maybe that good friend of yours who just set up a plant is looking for a plant manager? Maybe someone you don’t know, who has lost his job, has relevant experience. Maybe anything! What i am trying to say is, try and help anyone who you think could use a hand. You don’t necessarily have to know them to help them. Open up. Release an email id, where people can reach you. Yes you may be spammed, but hey is this the time when we should really be worried about spam? Be careful about fraudulent emails though.
  2. Power of the Network – The actual power of the network has been severely under-utilized thanks to the plethora of so called business networks that have come up. Your contacts can come in handy for someone. Maybe someone you don’t know could be helped by someone you DO know. 🙂
  3. Do some free service- Do you think you have good writing skills? Help someone out with their resume. For free. And why not? Did no one help you when you started writing your own? I am ready to help anyone who needs help with resume writing. Mail me at ketalystus@yahoo.com. And i’ll see what can be done.

Ok. So this was part I. Watch this space for Part II and beyond.