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Jay Ho! February 23, 2009

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So finally it took an A.R.Rehman to take us to the Oscar, win the coveted beauty and beam!
It was India’s night and it is India’s moment, if ever there was one. We have finally made a mark, at the much revered Academy Awards.

The list is as follows:

1. Best Film
2. Best Director
3. Best Score
4. Best Song – ‘Jay Ho’
5. Best Sound Mixing
6. Best Film Editing
7. Best Adapted Screenplay
8. Best Cinematography

Slumdog has been shot with style, and a well deserved Oscar for that and the Direction, etc etc..all well deserved. And I am very happy for A.R.Rahman also for winning best Song and best score.

Frankly speaking, i liked Paper Planes more than Jay Ho, or any other track in the album for that matter. I think Rahman has done much much much better work earlier. His Roja score is better than the Slumdog score any day. So why was Roja not nominated? Was the lobbying not done well? Was it even nominated?

So why are we so Oscar thirsty? Does winning the Oscar mean that we have arrived? Or is it plain acknowledgment of a job well done? The hype surrounding Slumdog was so high, that is the process we overlooked ‘Smiling Pinki’, a short documentary on a small village girl. Heck, i don’t even know the premise of the documentary. But it won an Oscar. And i am happy about that too.

Heck i am happy and too confused right now.