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Valentines in Chaddi February 13, 2009

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Thanks to Nisha Susan, this year’s Valentine’s Day has a enhanced Pink nature to it. Nisha and her PINK CHADDI Campaign has set a new heights, err umm, low(er)s to the day’s celebration.

With so many Chaddi’s at their disposal, the Sri Ram Sene (I thought it was Sena, anyways) is going to be having a tough time deciding which one’s to wear. And their promises of return gifting Sarees to the Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women means a lot of business for the Gardens, Vama’s , Bharatkshetras of the world. And in these recessionary times, the Sene is doing good for the society. New Sarees mean, happier husbands (or boyfriends as the case may be), happier parents (oh..mostly definitely) and happier dhobies! Now, Who doesn’t like a good saree!!

With the Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women planning to hit the pubs on the D day, it also (may) means a lot of opportunities for our single/ not so single sexual counterparts. I am sure a lot of single men out there would be waiting for this day (a like this) from the beginning of their lives. And yeah, it may also mean that extra bit of business for the Pubs. Since this one is all about Women power

Sigh, if only i were a Single, Pubgoing, Loose and Forward man today, i too would be buzzing like bumble bee with anticipation leaking out of me all over.

I wish all the Women in this world a very happy, hopefully peaceful and drunk Valentines Day!

The Pink Chaddi Campaign

The Pink Chaddi Campaign